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When Chris and I bought our house a year and a half ago, we instantly decided we wanted to have a studio in the house. We'd previously rented a little one bedroom flat (which I loved, but it really was tiny) and there was just no space to paint/be creative - plus I really didn't want to splatter paint on our landlords walls!

So when we bought our 2 bedroom house and begun our house renovation, we knew one bedroom would make a great creative space! We decided to use the big main bedroom for the studio because it has so much natural light and a lovely big bay window - we knew this would make a perfect work space for us both.


The room had a huge built in wardrobe and we knew there was an old fireplace behind it - so begun the project of dismantling the wardrobe.

This wardrobe was practically glued together! But we finally got every piece down and exposed the fireplace.

There was me thinking, this looks great - we'll replaster and paint the wall and tidy up the fireplace...but Chris had another idea...

Chris had seen the brickwork on the fireplace and so decided to start the MAMMOTH task of exposing the brick wall and the repointing it all.

I would like to say that I was a massive help with this, but was pretty much all Chris! I helped to dig out some of the old mortar and clean the wall, but he repointed the whole wall and reset some of the bricks.

Chris then also sanded and oiled the floor and him and a friend painted the remaining 3 walls white. The whole room did take months to complete, but it was so worth all the effort and time in the end!

Chris built a desk on one side of the wall for him to edit his photography (you can see some of his work here at and I commandeered the bay window to sit and paint. I love to sit on the floor to paint, but recently to add the small details to my paintings I have really needed to work at a desk. So the last change to the room was the other week after 8 months of sitting on the floor I bought a second hand drop leaf table to use as a desk!

We moved the dark brown cupboard downstairs to our lounge and I set up a little corner desk space!

This room is now my favourite room to sit in - sometimes just to read or watch tv as well as paint. It's so lovely and light and every time I sit in the studio I'm really amazed at how much the room as changed.

All I need now are some pieces of art and inspiration to go the walls! If anyone has any ideas or knows of any artists let me know who your favourites are!

Hope you've enjoyed a mini studio tour and transformation!

Rachel x

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