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I LOVE custom galaxy paintings! To paint something personalised for someone is such an honour, and this week I thought I would share with you a few of the commissioned paintings that I have created so far this year.

Any colour, any size - custom galaxies are created around your choices. I love the challenge of using new colours, new ideas and to work on a painting specifically for someone is something I really enjoy.

Because of these commissioned paintings I've used greens, oranges and purples; I've begun to add constellations onto galaxies and this week I had my first commission for a galaxy with trees on too. Working on commissions push me out of my comfort zone (a very blue comfort zone - my go to colour) and I love to create these for people.

My most recent commission will be on my Instagram soon, once it has been received! But here is a sneak preview...

If you're interested in a custom painting they're listed in my Etsy shop here - CUSTOM PAINTINGS.

Or drop me an email at and we can come up with a galaxy painting just for you!

Rachel x

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