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Today is Chris and I's first wedding anniversary and so I thought I would share a little about our day and some of our photos from the amazing Katie Rogers Photography.

Forgive me, as this weeks blog is a little indulgent!


Chris and I decided early on in 2017 that we would get married that year, but he said he wanted to propose and so I (sort of patiently) waited. We went on holiday to Yorkshire in March, and without knowing the night before Chris did propose, I moaned about how I thought he might has asked me already - impatient? Me?

The next morning, we had planned to go fossil hunting and Chris got up early and went for a run. Little did I know he had already planned to get up that morning and go and by a ring - he ran the last bit back to where we were staying, so I thought he had gone for a run!

We headed to a nearby cove to go fossil hunting (and did find some anenomites!). As I was looking for fossils, Chris said from behind 'What about this one?' - and there he was standing with a ring!

We celebrated with fish and chips by the sea that evening, and then told everyone the next day (which was one of my favourite things. Chris's brother in law shouting 'Yes Chris!' down the phone while their kids were asleep was a brilliant reaction, and getting to surprise my parents and grandparents who were all together, via a video chat - Chris hadn't asked my parents so it was lovely to surprise them!)

On a side note - Yorkshire is so beautiful. We saw murmurations, dolphins, lots of beautiful coastline and went to the Hockney Gallery at the Salt Mills which was great too.


The one thing we felt quite strongly about was not doing anything because we felt we had to tradition wise. Just because we were getting married, didn't mean we had to follow traditions; we wanted to do this our way.

LOCATION and photography

We decided to have a small ceremony with immediate family and a couple of close friends at The George Hotel in Rye on a Thursday (The George were amazing, I can't recommend them enough!). We hired the two rooms - one for our ceremony and one for a dinner with everybody. As the weather was sunny we also were allowed to use their beautiful courtyard after our ceremony for drinks.

We chose Katie Rogers Photography as our wedding photographer as we both absolutely loved her work. Kaite's so brilliant at capturing detail and light, whenever I had looked through her photos I knew she was the photographer for us! She was brilliant beforehand in the run up to the wedding, visiting both venues to scout out where to take photos and worked with us on what we were after from our photographs. Katie has such a talent for capturing all those moments and so much more and looking back through our photos brings back so many amazing memories from both days. (She is also so lovely and now a really close friend to us as well!)

(photos | Katie Rogers Photograhy)


We had collected A LOT of shells over the years and so made small shell jars to decorate our table. This along with blue candles, old beer bottles, bay tree from my parents garden and handmade driftwood place settings created a coastal table layout.

We also picked up some coastal table runners in the sale at John Lewis and some succulents from Tesco. I loved setting this up ourselves - 1) because I love styling and 2) because it made it really special doing this together the day before.

(photos | Katie Rogers Photograhy)


I'd wanted to wear a floral jumpsuit, but couldn't find one I loved. It was also important to me to find items I could wear again, I didn't want something just for one day - so I eventually found a short lace dress from Reiss with a cut out back which I fell in love with. I wore it some floral platforms which I absolutely loved, a cuff from Anthropologie and some chakra earrings from Etsy. Plus a super bright bouquet (full of Roses, Dahlias, Lissianthus, Veronica, Cornflowers and Eucalyptus) from the amazing Shimizu Flowers where I worked for a little bit - Mao it absolutely amazing with flowers. I absolutely LOVE flowers and having a beautiful bouquet was such a wonderful thing to do. Whenever I see any of these flowers, it reminds me of our Wedding day.

I did my hair at home, and had my make up done by my lovely friend Tracie at The Green Room, then we headed to The George to get ready together, which I loved.

We were doing this together and so we wanted to get ready together. By the time we got the The George, it was really windy and my hair had completely blown out - so I had to quickly re wash it and blow dry it. Because I had had my make up done I didn't want to get water on my face, so cue sticking my head over a bath in our room and washing my hair upside down then quickly blow drying it. This always makes me chuckle, as I feel it sums me up quite well (organised chaos and a bit messy!)

Chris wore a navy blue suit with a blue floral shirt from Ted Baker. And of course a Tottenham Hotspur tie! We chose buttonholes for all the men with beautiful bright pink roses, and Chris' had cornflowers in as well.

(photos | Katie Rogers Photograhy)


Going with our non traditions, I didn't want to walk down an aisle. I hate being in front of people, and wasn't keen on the idea of being 'given away'. So Chris and I decided we would stand in the room together, and greet everyone else as they came in. Getting ready together, and being together before the wedding started really kept us calm. The registrars commented before everyone came in on how calm and relaxed we both were! And I can honestly say that neither of us had any nerves at all!

(photos | Katie Rogers Photograhy)


I won't go into loads of details about the wedding ceremony - but all I will say is it was so much more than I thought it would be!

I'll be the first to admit, I had thought we would just go in, say some vows, exchange some rings and boom, done! But it was so much more than that!

Our registrars were absolutely lovely, we shared some really special vows, my brother read a brilliant poem by John Cooper Clarke ('I Wanna Be Yours') and the whole ceremony was so much more romantic and meaningful than I had thought it would be.

(photos | Katie Rogers Photograhy)


The last thing that was so important to me was a while before the wedding my Nan had given me a gold necklace.

It wasn't something I would wear and so I spoke to her about my idea - which she loved as much as I did. I spoke to Peter Farrow Jewellery in Rye and Peter turned Nan's necklace in wedding rings for Chris and I.

I love to look at my hand and see my engagement ring from Chris next to my wedding ring made from Nan's jewellery.

(photos | Katie Rogers Photograhy)

We spent the afternoon eating great food, drinking, listening to brilliant speeches and celebrating with our family full of happiness.

When people say their wedding day was the best day of their lives I always thought that was a bit cheesy - but it really was! And that was just the first day of it...

(photos | Katie Rogers Photograhy)


As we only had a small ceremony, we decided to have a big party at the weekend with the rest of our friends and extended family. I am so pleased we did this so that we could celebrate with everyone else! And everyone loves the party bit of a wedding!

(photos | Katie Rogers Photograhy)

We decorated a big marquee with bright coloured bunting, flowers and fans; we had a hog roast and lots of people brought all different desserts to share plus everyone brought their own booze.

We also hired a brilliant funk and soul band and just had a big party with everyone! We kept it casual and Chris and I both wore shorts (Chris' favourite clothing!)

Before the party my 'non bridesmaids' all came over to get ready together! I say non-bridesmaids because if we had had a traditional wedding, they would have been my bridesmaids but I wanted them to all know that they were just that without having to walk down an isle with me or wear bridesmaid dresses. Instead we all wore colourful patterns and had our hair braided - and they humoured me in spelling the word love with our hands!

Chris' brother re-told his best man speech which was great and the homemade desserts went down a treat (excuse the pun). Everyone had a good dance and this was such a great way to finish off our wedding celebrations!

We loved having everyone together for a big party and to celebrate with everybody!

(photos | Katie Rogers Photograhy)


Venue: The George Hotel, Rye

Photographer: Katie Rogers Photography

Flowers: Shimizu Flowers

Make Up: The Green Room

Wedding Rings: Peter Farrow Jewellery

Thank you for letting me indulge here - I've loved looking through the photos again! And if you did want to see more, then have a look here on Katie's blog!

Next week will be back to painting again!

Rachel x

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