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A little Introduction...


Welcome to my (hopefully) weekly blog which I'll post every Tuesday evening!

I thought it might to nice to say hi properly and tell you all a little bit about how I ended up here...painting galaxies.


I studied Fine Art Painting at Winchester School of Art, and spent 3 years painting and exploring paint. My work revolved around nature - the beautiful colours, textures and formations.

I created large scale paintings inspired by water and the sea - and so my love of the colour blue began. My final year projects consisted of me being the creator and letting the paints form the painting (something I still love to use). Paint moves in such a beautiful way that I love to let it choose it's own path within a painting.

I painted a 'painting' on a table, and let the painting set. Peeling off the painting from the table and reforming it is how I created my final pieces. They were full of movement, experimentation and fluidity.

After Uni

After University, I came back to Hastings and Chris and I got a little flat. It was tiny (our bedroom was only big enough for our bed!) but we loved it! The only thing was that there was no room to paint anything properly, and as we were renting the last thing I would want to do would be get paint all over the floor and walls! (Did I mention that I am really untidy?!)

So wanting to fill a creative void I turned to watercolours and lettering and created a series of prints, cards and notebooks all with inspiring quotes and handpainted watercolour backgrounds. At the time I was working part time in a florists and running a fruit and veg box delivery so I was still inspired by nature.

I pursued this for a couple of years, attending fairs (including the AMAZING Handmade Fair), and selling on Folksy and Etsy. As much as I loved this, the truth is there are so many people with better handwriting and better computer skills than me - my love was the painting.

We finally get a studio

Fast forward to November 2016 and we finally buy our house and spend the next year renovating it. From painting, to fitting a new kitchen, sanding all the floors, painting our stairs blue (I'll share some photos soon in another post!) - we had such a busy year!

Then finally at the end of the Summer last year we finished off our studio. Our house is an Edwardian house, with 2 bedrooms - a bigger front bedroom with bay windows at the front of the house and a smaller bedroom at the back of the house which overlooks the garden, We decided that to us having a big joint studio/office space was important and so chose to turn the bigger of the two into that!

Now finally having a designated place to sit and paint - I began!

I picked up my watercolours again, bought some new paper and painted...and painted...and found every time I was painting I just wanted to enjoy the beautiful watery blues and paint galaxies!

So, here I am, with a studio full of galaxies and a head full of inspiration to paint!

If you want to see the latest works I have made head over to my Etsy shop and to my Instagram account. I've been busy painting some new work which I can't wait to share with you, and a couple of beautiful commissions that I am working on. Plus I am looking to launch some prints soon too due to requests for these too!

Hope to 'see' you next Tuesday! In the meantime, come and say hi over on Instagram!

Rachel x

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